Tech, Beverage Companies Join Forces to Make an Exceptional Light Show at Any Party

Feast your eyes on one astounding light display courtesy of ODDKA

Makelight is a tech company that has been built by event creative professionals and is well known for its smart special effect technology for live events. It changes crowds of people into pixels – and crowds into mesmerizing and captivating visual effects. They have developed an exclusive system that conveys these effects using their Connected Crowds Technology.

Recently Makelight has developed an app that uses Wi-Fi enabled, 3D-printed coasters with spark boards and LED lights to create a light show in real-time. The app, Mel-Odd-y Maker, lights up ODDKA bottles in real-time while also creating music for an all-encompassing audiovisual experience.

With the app, you can become your own DJ – but with an interesting twist. A collection of flavorful beverages from ODDKA that include Electricity, Twisted Melon, Peach Bellini, Fresh Cut Grass, and Salty Caramel Popcorn have been electrified and you can control the amount of light given to each with the app. By interacting with Mel-ODD-y Maker app, people at any event can put on a light and sound show. Create your own musical melodies and electric arrangements simply by selecting the bottle buttons on the app. This is a positivley unusual and ODD musical experience for everyone. Find out more about the weirdly wonderful flavor collection at the ODDKA website: