PSFK x Golin Harris:
The Future of PR

Future of PR - Evolution

The Future Of PR: Constant Evolution

To accommodate the rapid changes in the world today, Golin Harris has intentionally PRevolved to ensure they always stay ahead of the curve.
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The Future Of PR: From Generalists To Specialists

Golin Harris is breaking with the traditional PR model by moving from being an agency of Generalists, who can do a little bit of everything, to Specialists, who can focus and excel in one thing to give clients exceptional service.
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The Future Of PR: Always-Aware, Ever-Ready

To intercept conversations as they are happening and leverage real-time marking opportunities, Golin Harris has created The Bridge: a space that shows what’s happening across all media channels at one time.
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The Future Of PR: Holistic Transmedia Storytelling

Golin Harris is treating media the same way consumers do by blowing away agency-created silos and becoming a more holistic operation.
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The Future Of PR: Integration Of Paid, Earned, Owned & Shared Media

Golin Harris is creating integrated campaigns, which see paid, earned, owned, shared media all working together to deliver better results to clients.
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