Band Releases New Album As A Mobile Phone ‘Virus’

Band Releases New Album As A Mobile Phone ‘Virus’

To listen to the Kaizers Orchestra’s 'Violeta Violeta Vol.3' listeners had to get ‘infected’ by the songs via an app.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 march 2013

Norwegian band Kaizers Orchestra launched their new album by working with the agencies Anorak, Haaland, Eidsvåg & Strøm, and Notch. A mobile app was created that allowed fans to listen to Violeta Violeta Vol.3 by becoming ‘infected’ with a virus.

Through the Kaizervirus app, songs were released to a small number of people from the upcoming album as different viruses. To get access to the songs, fans had to get infected. Using GPS technology, their phone would automatically become infected when they moved close enough to someone carrying a virus, unlocking a song and allowing them to listen to it.

Band Releases New Album As A Mobile ‘Virus’

The songs were spread from one person to another this way, and fans who wanted access to different songs could see an overview of the available viruses in the app. It also featured a map of other virus-carriers so they could find someone with a “virus” they didn’t have yet, and a music player for listening to their unlocked content. You can check out the case study video below:


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