Swing Time is an interactive playscape that creates a temporary park in an urban community

Created by Boston-based multidisciplinary practice Höweler + Yoon Architecture / MY Studio, Swing Time is an interactive playground in Boston that features 20 illuminated swings that glow purple when they are in motion.

The 20 swings are shaped like rings and come in three different sizes to accommodate members of the community. The glowing swings are custom fabricated from welded polypropylene and each swing is built with an internal LED lighting that is controlled by a custom microcontroller. Each swing also has an internal accelerometer that measures the acceleration forces of the swing. When the swing is not in use and is static, the LED lighting softly glows white and illuminates the area. When the swing is in use and in motion, the accelerometer picks up the motion and the micro-controller switches the LED lighting from white to purple, creating a colorful effect.

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