Multi-Purpose Shirt Is Secretly Also A Jacket

Multi-Purpose Shirt Is Secretly Also A Jacket

This insulated shirt looks cool but it actually keeps you warm

Leo Lutero
  • 1 april 2016

If you love the outdoors but hate wearing bulky jackets, take a look at Isaora’s line of insulated shirts that mix style with warmth in a discreet way. Insulated with PrimaLoft, a down alternative first developed for the US military, the collection boasts of crisp-looking shirts with a hidden layer of protection against the cold.

The hero of Isaora’s Insulated Shirts is the ultra-thin insulator. PrimaLoft technology allows high warmth retention without the bulk of a traditional feather down. It’s also breathable and water resistant.

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The microfiber thermal insulation fabric was originally created for the US army in the 1980s as a more versatile alternative to non-weatherproof downs. Now, PrimaLoft could be made with purely synthetic fabric or with a wool blend, both capable of keeping warmth with only minimal puffiness.

Isaora’s collection is primarily composed of office-friendly shirts. The designs are sleek and modern, letting go of the heaviness of regular jackets for a more tight-fitting look. Stitch lines that run throughout the shirts keep the insulating layer in place and give the clothes a unique detail.

The photos show, however, that the fabric does have a bit of extra weight compared to the silk or cotton, non-insulated counterparts. Nonetheless, using this advanced insulator, Isaora’s collection offers a chance for people to skip the jacket and go for clothing that is warm on its own. Perfect for when it’s cold but not that cold.

With minimal bulk and street to workplace-friendly designs, Isaora’s collection of insulated shirts is a hybrid one – perfect for the style conscious as well as those after great comfort.

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Along with the shirts, Isaora is also selling insulated overshirts (a more understated jacket). These have the looks of the traditional jacket but without too much of the volume and fitting closer to the body. Shirts start at $265 while the insulated overshirts cost $365. Discounts of up to 50% on selected items are on offer on the online store.

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