This game hopes to inspire a generation of eco-aware urban designers

Video games can entertain, deepen concentration and dedication, and in some cases obsession. Block’hood is a new video game that, while hoping to inspire all of these qualities, wants most to raise awareness and understanding around the topic of sustainability.

Jose Sanchez, an architect, programmer and game designer, designed Block’hood to get people thinking about how to create an ecologically and socially sustainable city with a limited number of resources and services.

Taking a cue from Jenga, Block’hood is a construction game that asks players to build a vertical city block. Instead of being restricted by cash to build the neighborhood of your dreams, players are limited by resources. As your Block’hood grows, your resources get more complex. With over 90 blocks available for building that include living space, agriculture, commerce and manufacturing blocks there a infinite possibilities on how to create your neighborhood. Players must keep the ecology of their hood in check as they build by understanding that every block consumes and produces resources. Too much consumption or production could have a negative impact on your hood. For example if your hood is creating too much pollution, your gardens might die which could result in a food shortage.

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