Timo Rissanen discusses how we need to rethink the industry in the context of how it directly impacts and is impacted by the world outside of fashion

If any industry is in desperate need of a makeover (one that could give Andy from The Devil Wears Prada a run for her money), it's fashion. An industry that is supposed to be at the forefront of design—paving the way for designers across all industries when it comes to manufacturing sustainable products—is needing to be tailored at the hem to fit the demands of modern society. 

Parsons' Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Sustainability Timo Rissanen believes revolutionizing the fashion industry starts with educating the next generation of fashion designers. According to him, the new breed needs to be trained to work with economists, collaborate with climate scientists, and be literate in history, economics, anthropology and science. Collectively, they need to have this capacity so they can actively engage in this redesign of both fashion and society. After all, the crises that fashion is facing is not solely a symptom of a fashion problem, as the world outside of fashion is directly relevant to whatever is happening in fashion.

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