We caught up with Casper’s Director of Experiential Marketing Monica Brouwer to discuss how Casper is building meaningful brand experiences by offering rescue moments one “Zzz” at a time

You’ve hit your mid-afternoon, coffee-comedown slump and you think, “What would I give to get some shut-eye before my 2.30 meeting” when suddenly a caped superhero swoops in to the rescue, whisking you away to a nap pod where you can catch up on forty winks ‘til show time. Well, this isn’t so far-fetched from the rescue moments that mattress company Casper offers people with its state-of-the-art brand activations. In fact, considering just how many podcast hosts, subway cars and Instagram ads are singing the mattress company’s praises of late, Casper really is like a real-life superhero—saving you from sleepness nights, not supervillians.

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