At FPC, pregnant women work up a sweat in an environment that keeps them safe while still building strength

Imagine pregnant women working out, and you are likely to conjure an image of a relaxing yoga class where women slowly move their bodies with delicate care. Not so at FPC, a New York City gym that provides a comfortable environment for expectant mothers to work up a sweat.

Co-founded by Carolina Gunnarsson and Joanie Johnson, FPC offers safe yet challenging workouts intended to increase a woman's level of fitness for a stronger pregnancy and faster recovery post-delivery. The studio has four different class offerings, including FPC's Signature course, a 45-minute workout featuring upbeat music focused on low-impact, high-intensity, full-body workouts. FPC Flow, meanwhile, is a more relaxing course for those days when mothers-to-be want to focus more on stretching while still being challenged.

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