Snapchat Unveils A New Type Of Lens For Stranger Things

Snapchat Unveils A New Type Of Lens For Stranger Things

The new interactive lens places a person in the world of Netflix's original series Stranger Things

Zack Palm
  • 1 november 2017

Snapchat takes its lenses—best known for adding puppy features to your face—a step further with an augmented reality experience featuring a digitally recreated set from the Netflix show Stranger Things.

In order to access the new lens, a user can use the Shazam feature in the Snapchat app when the Stranger Things theme song plays or jump to the icon among the lenses posted in the app. When that happens, the user sees a door appear in front of them, through which they can walk to visit the home of Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder’s character on the show). Those who explore the room hard enough can find interactive easter eggs that pop out on the screen.

Snapchat created the virtual world as an interactive advertisement for the release of the second season of Stranger Things.

Snapchat | Netflix

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