Artist’s Portfolio Lets You Call Him To Explain His Work

Artist’s Portfolio Lets You Call Him To Explain His Work

Marc Horowitz and HAWRAF create a new way to connect with an artist

Cristina DiGiacomo
  • 7 december 2017

Conceptual artist Marc Horowitz, in partnership with creative design studio HAWRAF, has come up with a new way for people to get closer to art and artists. HAWRAF designed and developed a portfolio site for Horowitz’s work where you call a number and hear him provide a description of the piece. In traditional museum settings, we don’t get the luxury of having the artist present their own artist statements.

Each piece in the portfolio has a corresponding reference number. When you dial the 800 number on the site and enter the reference number, the audio begins. Hearing the artist talk about the work offers an experience one simply can’t get by reading a blurb or description. The site also intersperses quotes and interstitials from the artist.


Marc Horowitz

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