Unlock Your Inner Genius By 3D Printing Einstein’s Toys

Unlock Your Inner Genius By 3D Printing Einstein’s Toys

The Real Play Coalition, an education initiative backed by LEGO and Unilever, scanned Albert Einstein's building blocks for today's kids to 3D print

Anna Johansson
  • 6 february 2018

Play has been proven to be an effective tool for building skills in communication, problem solving, emotional intelligence and teamwork. Real Play Coalition, an organization with contributions from the LEGO Foundation, National Geographic, Unilever and IKEA Group, wants to preserve role of play in childhood development while also utilizing the appeal of technology.

To do so, group took a cue from history’s most recognizable genius—Albert Einstein. The Open Einstein project scanned a set of Einstein’s childhood toys and made them available for anyone to 3D print. The originals are a set of AnkerSteinbaukasten building blocks from 1880, which allow children to exercise creativity and imagination while helping them grow their dexterity and tactile senses.

The creators said that they didn’t believe toys today were sparking enough creativity and problem solving for kids. They’re hoping that a revival of these building blocks will be exactly what children need to enhance both play and cognitive function.

Real Play Coalition will be printing and distributing entire sets of the building blocks. To recreate the experience of the old toys, they even printed the box in which the toys were originally sold.

Parents and educators are encouraged to download the STL files for free on the Open Einstein website.

Open Einstein

Lead Image: Edelman Deportivo

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