Inspired by his experience working in a stressful environment, a former Uber executive created an app called Basis that helps provide support to those in environments where help may be lacking or stigmatized

Former Uber executive Andrew Chapin has developed a mental health app, called Basis, aimed at making therapy available to more people and removing its associated stigma, especially for those working in the tech industry and related fields. Chapin wanted to help stressed out employees in particular who need support, but have limited time and resources to spend on traditional therapy.

The app is designed to help people deal with anxiety, depression and other issues through chat or video conversations. For just $35, Basis users can schedule 45 minutes of phone time with a paraprofessional. Though they don't have the same certifications as a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, they are trained professionals who maintain the site's simple premise: having a disinterested third party available to hear people out.

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