Brands like Google and Levi's are adding AR and other experiential capabilities to children's marketing to drive engagement and enhance the consumer experience

Brands are creating interactive content that brings audiences closer to the brands, promoting engagement through entertaining experiences.

Audiences want to be able to interact with the brand, the characters and their performance. Accordingly, leading entertainment retailers from Disney to Google are developing methods that use AR capabilities to enhance the user experience and bring a closer connection to the product.

Disney Disney, in partnership with National Cinemedia, created a pre-show augmented reality game called “Wreck-It Ralph,” which invites audiences showing up early to theaters a chance to play an interactive game. Moviegoers are prompted to open the company’s Noovie Arcade mobile app and aim their phone’s camera at the movie screen, which starts the AR experience. Disney Animation aims for the new technology to bring characters to life on the big screen.

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