The founder of the luxury brand speaks to PSFK about her new collection, dubbed 'Flower,' and explains how expanding into cannabis retail was a natural extension of her work as an accessories designer

From California to Massachusetts, 11 states have made the move to legalize recreational marijuana, introducing a multi-billion dollar industry to their constituents over a process that may only take a few months. During this time, cannabis retailers scramble to build their brand in a market that has little to no experience with the newly legal product.

As reported in PSFK's recent cannabis research paper, retailers are using a range of strategies to address this issue, introducing communities to cannabis through more familiar products and services. Some of the more innovative brands are establishing themselves as cannabis retailers in cities prior to legalization, building solid foundations and consumer relationships in an industry that could—and probably will—enter the legal retail market of that state within the next 2-3 years. In New York, PSFK recently visited Edie Parker, an artisanal handbag retailer introducing cannabis accessories to the Big Apple's luxury market, and caught up with founder Brett Heyman on the strategies behind her innovative new launch:

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