Despite the progression of technology, Savitude founder Camilla Olson perceived that fit remained a lingering issue for many women, designing an AI solution that merges styling with machine learning to match all bodies with brands ideal for them

Sizing issues are no stranger to the fashion industry, and many retailers have invested in expanding their size ranges to accommodate a greater diversity of body types. However, even within these extended runs, a glaring problem remains: fit. In fact, the top reason women return merchandise is not necessarily that they had the wrong size, but that their theoretical best size still left more to be desired.

This is something Camilla Olson, founder of AI fashion personalization solution Savitude, noticed after working with clients on bespoke styling projects. Olson combined her background in ecommerce and technology with her first-hand experience working with unsatisfactory fit, seeking to create an AI tool that could go beyond identifying a correct size and actually recommend merchandise to women based on what fit their particular body would need.

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