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Axe’s New Campaign Uses Real Stories to Demystify Dating for Teens

Axe’s New Campaign Uses Real Stories to Demystify Dating for Teens

The personal care brand is syncing with a Netflix character to promote healthy dating culture among teenagers, as well as break down traditional masculinity tropes

The teen years are a confusing time for everyone, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. To help teen boys feel more confident in their dating lives, Axe has teamed up with Netflix’s “Sex Education” to promote healthy conversations around these topics.

Known for tackling the awkward and often taboo subjects that teens wrestle with in high school, “Sex Education” tells the story of socially awkward high school student Otis and his therapist mother Dr. Jean Milburn. The Axe campaign hijacks Milburn’s book “Bringing Up Men” and turns it into a guide for young men on dating, sex, and masculinity.

The book is broken into chapters shared exclusively on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, each featuring a teen guy recounting a real-life story of an awkward or cringeworthy dating encounter. Meant to inspire solidarity and relieve the pressure teen guys feel when dating, the campaign was born from Axe’s own research, which indicated that 47% of boys aged 14-24 in the U.S. have refrained from asking someone out due to a lack of confidence, according to a press release.

Axe not only shows us the importance of utilizing social media to reach Gen Z where they spend the majority of their time online, but also how leaning into awkward and uncomfortable topics can be used to create content that not only educates, but also forms a powerful connection with the customer through relatability, which is key when it comes to the company’s target audience.