As staff return to work, employers are tapping into connected device technology to develop wearable devices that help workers maintain social distancing

With employees now assuming greater risks as part of their day-to-day jobs, companies are taking steps to ensure the safest work environment possible. Beyond providing daily testing, offering free face masks, and other protections designed to maintain a physically-distanced workspace, many are also turning to technology as an additional precaution.

Tech company Rombit, for instance, is enhancing its digital bracelet device Romware One, which helps direct workplace logistics, to monitor social distancing as well as provide contact tracing capabilities, alerting employees when they come closer than six feet using vibration. Further, employers can preset specific limitations on how many workers can be present in a given area, receiving notifications from Rombit when these limits are reached or breached.

One can imagine this might be useful for jobs that don’t normally require large amounts of interpersonal contact, or even in smaller, enclosed office spaces. By combining technology with more traditional preventative measures, employers can better guarantee a safe work environment for their employees amidst the ongoing crisis.

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