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Trend: Driving Transformative Retail Change

Trend: Driving Transformative Retail Change

New research optimistically dissects the opportunities for retail industry changemakers to explore as they deploy a combination of rigor and magic to achieve successful transformation and uncommon growth. 

The turbulent business landscape of the last several years has made transformation crucial for retailers around the world. Leaders are capturing new business value by delivering exceptional service, embracing experimental platforms and channels, and testing selling models that put the consumer in control.

Online assistant plans to change the way brands deliver post-purchase experiences
Pretzel is an online shopping assistant designed explicitly for best-in-class post-purchase experiences, working on behalf of shoppers to fill needs and keep track of everything from item sizes to return windows, all in a single platform. Pretzel's shopper-forward solution

Petco rethinks its ominichannel touchpoint to take pet-owner support to another level 
Beyond supplying pet owners with just their product needs, Petco is expanding its offerings to support both pets and their owners at every stage of maturity with omnichannel offerings across more consumer touch points. Petco's new retail approach

Supply chain disruptor Quiet Logistics wants to be an Amazon killer
American Eagle Outfitters is building out its own logistics platform and democratizing access to high-performing supply chain solutions for its mid-size brand peers. AEO's turnkey logistics

Get Smarter: PSFK's report on transforming retail with radical innovation
Developed in partnership with leading growth and transformation consultancy Prophet, this exciting report frames the implications of today's changing commerce landscape & outlines the strategic next steps brands can take to stay ahead of disruptive competition. Free PSFK white paper on the innovations driving retail transformation


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