PSFK Labs is an innovation consulting firm. Since 2004, our agency team have helped global corporations concept better products, services, communications and experiences. Our researchers, analysts and designers leverage a unique research process with unparalleled access to experts to identify and develop new business opportunities for brands.

In addition to our client work, PSFK Labs oversees the innovation portal and produces a series of reports, workshops and events that inspire creative professionals in their work.



PSFK Labs uncovers insights that help define a landscape of opportunity.

  • Trends Research
  • |
  • Expert Analysis
  • |
  • Competitive Review
  • |
  • Open Innovation


PSFK Labs envisions potential opportunities in the market and needs of the client.

  • Brand Development
  • |
  • Future Journeys
  • |
  • Business Strategy
  • |
  • Concept Visioning


PSFK Labs evaluates potential strengths and weaknesses of concepts and opportunities.

  • Consumer Research
  • |
  • Expert Panels
  • |
  • Immersion Workshops & Tours


PSFK Labs leverages a network of partners and producers to bring to life concepts to help test ideas in real-world experiences.

  • Prototyping
  • |
  • Experiential
  • |
  • Partner Selection


PSFK Labs can activate a brand’s vision on their behalf.

  • Thought Leadership
  • |
  • Branded Content
  • |
  • Partner Management


  • piers

    Piers Fawkes

    Founder & CEO

  • scott

    Scott Lachut

    President of Research & Strategy

  • hedyeh

    Hedyeh Parsia

    Partner, Director of Operations & Experience

  • Adriana Krasniansky

    Adriana Krasniansky


  • Adriana Krasniansky

    Lana Ugurtas


  • Chip Martella

    Chip Martella

    Chief Strategy Officer

Client List

PSFK Client List


We work with clients across the globe
from our New York headquarters.

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Commercial Inquiries:
Piers Fawkes
Founder & CEO
+1 646.520.4672
42 Bond Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10012

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