Advertising The PSFK Guide To New York Advertising Week 2019

Check out PSFK's curated list of must-see panels and speakers this NYAW for retail innovation and inspiration

Advertising ABC Turns NYC Subway Train Into Roseanne's Living Room

To advertise the return of Roseanne on ABC, the network decorated the Times Square shuttle to look like the TV family's living room

Fitness & Sport Nike Is Building A Digital Platform Into Public Basketball Courts

Public basketball courts in Manila got a digital-physical makeover from Nike, Google and BBH

Cafe & Restaurant Burger King Launched A Bus To Take Brussels Residents To Its Restaurant

The company was concerned its location was not central enough to earn visitors, so it brought diners there for free

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel JetBlue Makes Office Souvenirs For People Who Don’t Take Vacations

In an effort to encourage more vacations, the airline is selling office decorations for workaholics

Retail World's Most Remote Pop-Up Appears On A Cliffside In Colorado

The suspended shop handed out gear to passing climbers

Food & Beverage Robot Colonel Sanders Takes KFC Drive-Thru Orders

H.A.R.L.A.N.D, a robot designed to sound like the brand's mascot and take people's orders, is the latest marketing invention from KFC

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Take A Great Travel Selfie Without Ever Needing To Travel

A Delta ad took pictures of locations all over the world and posted them on a building wall for people to pose for photos as though they were traveling

Advertising Airbnb Product Makes A Simple But Strong Protest Against Marriage Inequality

Through the marketing campaign, the company has proclaimed support for Australians who cannot yet marry

Gaming & Play Affordable Access to Virtual Reality is the Only Way it Will Scale

VR will only meet its full potential if it moves beyond gaming applications

Work Ad Agency Gives Millennial Employees Their Own Separate Space

Grey Advertising shifts the traditional agency setup by giving millennials their own wing

Design Cannes 2012 Watch: Who Will Win A Lion? [Headlines]

Of the 40 entries in Leo Burnett's works to watch prediction reel many of this years entries are not traditional TV Spots but music videos, infographics, or 3D-Light shows instead. AdWeek chooses 18 favorites.

Technology SPIN Publisher: Music Publications Must Develop A New Media Strategy

PSFK chats with Mike Albanese about his magazine's redesign and how 'in today's media environment, it's innovate or die.'

Advertising What Is It With Adweek And Lady Editors? [Headlines]

Elizabeth Spiers, Arianna Huffington, and Tina Brown. All under attack?