Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Small Businesses Revamp The Retail Scene At Baltimore Airport

A program supports local entrepreneurs in setting up shop at the airport, diversifying the selection beyond ubiquitous chain stores

Lyft Wants To Improve Baltimore Transportation With Bike Sharing

The transportation service is sponsoring five bike share stations across the city

Advertising How The Closing Of Local Papers Is Leading To 'News Deserts'

The Village Voice’s decision to end print publication is just the latest in an epidemic of free alternative newspaper closures in the U.S.

Retail Uber Delivers Whiskers and Wagging Tails

Uber Kittens and Uber Puppies are the latest exotic deliveries that Uber has been experimenting with to fill our cuddly cravings

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Steve Jobs movie trailer on Instagram, NYC to bring WiFI to city parks and Google offers free services for charities.

Technology Phones Alert Drivers If They'll Get A Parking Ticket When They Skip Out On Paying

SpotAgent allows people in this city to decide whether or not to feed the meter or risk penalty by using parking citation data.

Design Social Activity App Matches Recommendations To User's Personality

Woofound learns a person's interests in order to give the best suggestions on what to do around town.

Man Implants iPad Nano Into His Arm

Professional body piercer Dave Hurban causes controversy by inserting magnetic studs into his forearms that allow him to attach and detach gadgets.

Gaming & Play PSFK Pick's: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

We bring you the most stimulating and exciting stories from the world of wellness research.

Innovation Baltimore Hires Food Policy Coordinator To Improve Citizen Health

A growing movement is seeing cities establish new governmental positions for better managing what goes on its residents' plates.

Advertising (Pic) Drive Out Of The Box

An interesting effort from Zipcar in Baltimore.

Work Google Maps Offers Curatorial Solution For The Street Art Experience

Gaia, a Baltimore street artist has used Google Maps to create an archive of all his work.