Design These Turntable-Inspired Sinks Will Turn Your Bathroom Into A Club

An Italian bath fixtures company released a new sink collection that has the look of vintage turntables with a hidden wireless speaker inside

Home Tablet-Powered Mirror Displays Notifications And Weather

Firefly has a tablet in the back of a two-way mirror to make getting up in the morning easier

Design Flat Pack Shelter Includes A Bathroom And Fully Equipped Kitchen

The domicile is easy to assemble and can sustain a family of four for months following a disaster

Health Google's Latest Patent Is A Bathroom That Monitors Your Health

Once indicative of a certain commitment to hygiene, bathrooms may soon represent your wellness as much as they do your cleanliness

Technology Automated Scents are the Future of Fragrance

The future's in the air: A mood and smartphone-controlled freshener

Design Shower Recycles 90% of the Water While You Use It

This shower system can cut your water use by a tenth with integrated filtering

Home Finally, a Suitcase That Holds Everything -- even the Kitchen Sink

Italian designers poke fun at vain travelers who pack too much with a portable washbasin styled as a suitcase

Advertising Graffiti Walls Find A Home In Dive Bar Bathrooms [Video]

New film explores the controversial art form that has now found its home in a rather unexpected place.

Advertising MINI's Surprise Bathroom Airbags Discourage Applying Makeup While Driving [Video]

A campaign in Mexico placed the auto safety device in soap dispensers inside public restrooms.

Innovation Touchscreen Shower Lets Users Surf The Web While Getting Clean [Pics]

Innovative concept brings smart technology and luxury into the home bathroom.

Toothbrush Has Built-In Rinser That Directs Tap Water To Your Mouth [Video]

Inventor Scott Amron has created a toothbrush that creates a small water fountain that lets you rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

Design Hanging Markers Invite Users To Graffiti Bathroom Stalls [Pics]

Design studio rethinks the everyday public space with creative and quirky ideas.

Retail Design Duo Rethinks The Sink & Encourage Users To Customize It Online [NY Design Week 2012]

The Bouroullec Brothers have created a modular solution for the bathroom that lets users customize their fixture for maximum space efficiency.

Luxury IKEA Turns A Porta Potty Into A Luxury Destination

The furniture brand introduces their new bathroom line with a clever prank.