Advertising Stockholm Commuters See Billboards Personalized To Their Emotions

Pioneered by Clear Channel, Stockholm Metro's digital billboards will analyze consumer data to display art based on their current emotion

Home Wood Protection Company Highlights Its Product's Lasting Power With A 12-Year Billboard Ad

Sioo:x Wood Protection is showing off how well its product performs against wear and tear with a long-lasting ad made out of pieces of a backyard deck in a campaign that merges product advertisement and demonstration

Fashion & Apparel With Art On The Wall, Gucci Tries To Start A Riot

Gucci's large-scale, Instagrammable murals, which pay homage to the student protests of 1968, are an analog approach with digital payoff

Technology Billboard Lights Up Whenever Hackers Try To Breach Cybersecurity

Insurance company Hiscox conveys the importance of strong cybersecurity with a billboard that shows attempted hacks in real time

Cafe & Restaurant McDonald's Is Using Its Arches to Direct You To Its Nearest Location

The "Follow the Arches" campaign breaks the famous logo up into portions that point people to the closest restaurant

Health Billboard Uses Air Pollution To Display A Message

Peruvian natural gas company Calidda highlights environmental issues with an interactive urban ad

Advertising Billboard Coughs On Passersby To Spread Awareness About Lung Cancer

The Marie Keating Foundation wants to raise awareness for lung cancer with an audible billboard

Automotive Giant London Billboard Tracks Cars To Target Ads

The large billboard will have a series of cameras inside of it designed to recognize the model and color of vehicles going by

Advertising Billboards Emerge from Hurricane Irma Rubble To Spread Hope

22squared beautifully repurposes billboards destroyed by the storm to help raise funds for victims

Entertainment Interactive Billboards React To Real Time Traffic With Emojis

A new marketing campaign for the popular children's film has billboards in select cities that react to the environment

Technology A Giant Amazon Echo Towers Over Onlookers In Times Square

A 79-foot-tall replica was built between 44th and 45th Street in NYC, featuring the familiar LED light ring

Automotive Toyota's ‘Eco-Billboards' Clean The Air Around Them

The ad for the hydrogen fueled Mirai purifies air by breaking down the nitrogen dioxide

Design Curious Billboards Replicate The Natural Landscape Behind Them

Artist Jennifer Bolande posted photographs as advertisements for drivers to view along a route in California

Health Anti-Smoking Billboard Reacts When Smokers Walk By

The advertisement has the ability to 'cough' whenever it smells cigarette smoke