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Audio-Visual Installation Lets Visitors Create Music With Their Bodies

Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers adapted their music art app into a full-scale augmented reality installation

Entertainment What Does The Future Hold For AI And Music?

Tech firms have developed AI that can learn how to write music. So will machines soon be composing symphonies, hit singles and bespoke soundtracks?

Innovation Augmented Reality City Grows On Vinyl Record As It Spins

Someday World, Brian Eno and Karl Hyde's new album, turns an old format into a psychedelic digital experience.

Video Redbull Goes Inside The Mind Of Brian Eno [Video]

A new short film created with m ss ng p eces reveals the inspiration of the iconic man responsible for breathing life into light

Design Brian Eno Creates Healing Sound Installation For Hospitals

Famous musician aims to relax patients with a combination of music and light

Syndicated Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

Brian Eno prepares to release his new solo album 'Lux', read a review of Melody Gardot's 'The Absence', an interview with 'Schwervon!' and more.

Technology A Digital Museum Catalogs The World's Endangered Analog Sounds

This website's mission is to keep nostalgic sounds of old technology from becoming extinct.

Design Millennium Mountain Clock Ticks For 10,000 Years

A clock that will tick off the next thousand years prompts us to rethink our societal need for speed.

Home (Pics) Vivid Live Paints Sydney Opera House

Laurie Anderson's animated images are currently giving Sydneysiders an altered harbor view as part of the Vivid Sydney festival.

Advertising Brian Eno On Musical Innovation

In a recent Guardian interview, musical pioneer Brian Eno shares some insightful thoughts on music.

Innovation Eno Predicted PSFK

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