Design Acer Redesigned Traditional Prayer Beads As A Wearable Device

The Taiwanese company's beads include a chip synched with a smartphone app to track mantras

Retail Robot Priest Launched To Undercut Human-Led Rites

Softbank’s humanoid robot ‘Pepper’ dons robes to provide low-cost funerals complete with live-streaming option

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Nomadic Life Kit Can Make Any Place Feel Like Home

Simplicity, appreciation for the impermanent and reconnection with nature are the inspiration behind the pieces included in the kit

Innovation Are The Fringes Defining Mainstream Society?

During the first axial age man discovered transcendent faith. A new book proposes that spiritual energy is is actually found on the edges of our culture today, rather than the mainstream.

Syndicated Dalai Lama: Young People Should Not Expect Life To Be Easy

Religious leader says that London riots were caused by a generation filled with misconceptions.

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Husky-voiced, witty member of the hip-hop trio the Beastie Boys

Design The Monk Cell Project

Thai architect proposes an architectural concept to create an ideal space for meditation and other daily rituals.

Innovation Military Police Meets Zen Buddhism

In Brazil, the government uses an ancient philosophy to train police officers