Fitness & Sport How Brands Like Fitbit Encourage Healthy Lifestyles With Gamified Wellness Tracking

Brands are using wearable fitness technology to gamify wellness and connect consumers across personalized programs

Health Fitbit Wearers Can Share Data With NIH To Improve Health Care

The Fitbit BYOD program is a digital health initiative in partnership with the NIH's health project All of Us and is designed to use real-time participant data to inform healthcare research

Loyalty & Membership FitBit Launches Premium Service For Healthcare Providers And Employers

FitBit Care aims to enable a deeper connection between individuals and their doctors through the brand's wearable devices, providing healthcare practitioners and individuals alike the ability to monitor and manage their daily health

Children Fitbit Has Made A Fitness Tracker Just For Kids

The health and fitness brand designed the Fitbit Ace for kids and parents to track activity levels, sleep habits and more

Retail App Uses Negative Reinforcement To Help People Reach Fitness Goals

The new Fitbit-linked app will keep users' money should they fail to keep their fitness goals

Design Fitbit Launches Its First Smartwatch To Improve Health And Fitness

Fitbit Ionic, the first smartwatch from the wearables pioneer, offers a highly personalized experience

Wellness How Wearable Fitness Tech Can Benefit A Workforce

PSFK takes a look at how wearable tech is making its way into the workplace

Technology Fitbit Wants To Shine A Light On Sleep Apnea

Fitbit is creating a wearable, worn while asleep, that detects whether or not someone has sleep apnea

Design Research Shows How Fitness Trackers Need To Get Smarter To Track Calories

Compared with gold-standard laboratory measurements, scientists found devices were poor at tracking calories burned, but good at monitoring heart rate

Fitness & Sport Sleep Tracking Comes To Fitbit

The company wants to help their users to have a restful night's sleep by tracking their motion and heart rate

Advertising Netflix Personal Trainer Locks Your Account If You Don't Work Out

The campaign is designed to give people real motivation to get moving

Health How An App Can Help You Get A Better Night's Sleep

The online sleeping program is designed to teach you how to overcome long-term sleeping issues without medication

Automotive Uber, Fitbit And More Could Be Coming To A Wall Near You

A new device for the connected home is seeking to move apps off your phone and integrated into your home

Gaming & Play Mobile Typography in 2016: Trending Techniques in Designing for the Small Screen

Device fonts aren't just scaled down for the palm of your hand—a designer weighs in