Automotive Bentley Introduces A Fragrance Inspired By Car Interiors

Bentley Momentum Unlimited cologne was created with scent elements including wood and leather

Design Magazine Lets Readers Smell The People Featured In It

Sense Familiar magazine from stylist Isabel Bonner puts two of your senses to work

Fashion & Apparel Astrology-Based Fragrances Express Individual Personalities

Perfumery creates bespoke scents tailored to individual personalities

Luxury Subscription Service Helps Women Design a Perfume Wardrobe

Scent personalization service helps customers switch out fragrances on a monthly basis

Work Subscription Service Helps Men Identify Their Perfect Fragrances

How can digitization improve men's experience of identifying their ideal scent?

Design Fragrance Calendar Features A Unique Scent Every Day [Video]

Perfumer Kim Weisswange has created the first calendar to express time in the sensual language of perfume.

Innovation Spritzing This Perfume Will Help Wearers Lose Weight

A new perfume uses endorphins to induce feelings of contentment and decrease the need to snack.

Home New York Boutique Helps You Find The Perfect Fragrance [Video]

Perfume shop MiN offers bespoke concierge consultations to help shoppers discover their signature scent.

Retail Perfumer Frederic Malle Publishes Fragrances Like They Were Books

'On Perfume Making' tells of the the legendary scent creators collaborations and describes the complexities of creating a new scent.

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A look at which cosmetics brands have made it in the US and why they are growing in popularity.

Innovation On-Call Fragrance Butler Pampers Hotel Guests With Bespoke Scents

Rosewood hotel's North American and Saudi Arabian properties offer the exclusive 24-hour service and have fragrance menus tailored to each hotel.

Advertising A Perfume Organic: Environmentally-Friendly Fragrances

New York-based company creates 100% organic perfumes, including signature scent 'Green.'

Technology Snoop Dogg Swag Costs Less The More You 'Like' It

An innovative new celebrity-endorsed promotion idea gives people discounted products in exchange for Facebook likes.

Innovation Monocolumn: The High Price Of Smelling Nice

For those who cultivate the raw ingredients that fuel the global perfume industry, earthquakes are just one of a host of natural disasters that have devastated this year’s crops.