Entertainment Nike SNKRS X NBA 2K20's app inspires consumers to play for limited-edition kicks

Sportswear brand Nike's exclusive sneakers app SNKRS and game NBA 2K20 teamed up to release Gamer Exclusive, a line of ten limited-edition sneakers that can only be unlocked through playing NBA 2K20's new MyPLAYER Nation mode. The mode, co-created by two parties, allows players to select their favorite team and play with other fans throughout the 2019-20 NBA season, where the game mirrors the real NBA schedule. To purchase the sneakers, players must link their NBA 2K20 account with their Nike SNKRS mobile app, which allows them to earn the opportunity to buy the sneakers upon reaching specified milestones. Instead of releasing the entire line, Nike is releasing each style of sneakers one by one throughout the season, reinventing the product "drop" model and incentivizing customers to stay tuned. 

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