Fashion & Apparel Eyewear Brand Uses 3D Printing To Create Custom Frames For Every Face

King Children is an eyewear brand whose services aim to disrupt the customization process, implementing virtual try-on and 3D printing techniques that let consumers design frames tailored to their unique face

Cafe & Restaurant Bose Unveiled A Pair Of Connected Augmented Reality Glasses At SXSW

The audio company debuted a model that could revolutionize mobile AR experiences, adding audible layers of information and experiences to daily life.

Retail MasterCard Is Working To Make AR Retail Seamless

For people who find shopping a painstaking ordeal, ODG's augmented reality experience might make the process second nature

Technology This Startup Is 3D Printing Glasses That Fit Perfectly To A Wearer's Face

Dutch company Roger Bacon is taking 3D scans of customers' faces to build them perfectly fit eyewear

Design Warby Parker's Prescription Checker Lets Buyers Skip A Trip To The Eye Doctor

The eyewear brand is developing an app that will determine if there have been any changes in your prescription before ordering a new pair of glasses

Advertising Snapchat Patent Reveals The Future Of Their AR Spectacles

An updated version of their Spectacles could see dinosaurs walking around the streets

Consumer Goods Glasses Automatically Focus On Whatever You Are Looking At

Developed at the University of Utah, the liquid-based lenses can change their curvature based on the distance of objects

Fashion & Apparel Service Creates Bespoke Prescription Lenses For Snapchat Spectacles

For as little as $29, has created a new offering that lets wearers of the video glasses see clearly

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Bluetooth Glasses Provided Cyclists With A Heads-Up-Display For Their Ride

Raptor displays vital information for bicyclists without them having to look down at their phone

Fashion & Apparel This Pair Of Eyeglasses Tracks Your Health

Level combines modern eyewear design with wellness-monitoring technology for a unique new wearable accessory

Technology Intel's New System Will Help Technology See And Understand The World

Joule is a tiny board for developers designed to bring powerful computer vision to cheap and easy-to-make prototypes

Invisible Phone Screen Can Only Seen By Wearing Special Glasses

The app and eyewear combo is designed for privacy and keeping your conversations away from prying eyes

Health This Site Lets You Get Your Prescription Without Ever Visiting An Optometrist

This company lets you be your own optometrist from home

Design Should Professional Gamers Wear These Glasses?

Sporting a special tint, these glasses are touted to protect gamers from eye fatigue and even boost their gaming chops