Food & Beverage The Sam's Club Now app unlocks a personalized and responsive shopping experience using machine learning and data

Warehouse club retailer Sam’s Club is incubating new retail technologies centered around its Sam's Club Now app that let members unlock a more personalized and responsive shopping experience. Machine learning and purchase data automatically generate shopping lists with suggested items, and beacon technology helps guide members through the store. Members can use the app to scan items to pay without waiting in line, as well as place orders for one-hour pick up. The features are currently being tested in its Dallas, Texas, test store before being rolled out nationwide.

Automotive PSFK's 10th Annual Future Of Retail Report Will Guide Brands And Retailers Into The Age Of Personal Utility

PSFK's Future Of Retail 2020: Retail As Personal Utility report provides a strategic roadmap for brands and retailers to deliver hyper-personalized service that meets the unique needs of every customer in a post-experiential era

Brand Activation & Immersion The Salvation Army's DMG Foods store supports families in need

Charitable organization The Salvation Army opened DMG Foods, the country's first-ever nonprofit grocery chain, in Baltimore. Named after the brand’s motto, “Doing the Most Good,” the store is open to shoppers of any income level, with special coupons available to customers on SNAP benefits and onsite job training.

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Pacific Coast Harvest provides discounted produce to low-income families

Seattle-based agricultural startup Pacific Coast Harvest implemented a program that discounts fresh produce for low-income families. The brand already offers CSA boxes that support small farms, and now families that are part of Seattle’s Fresh Bucks to Go program can order produce to be dropped off at their children’s preschools.

Health Bodega is a new store that offers healthy food to low-income shoppers, plus employment opportunities for homeless people and veterans

Bodega, run by the nonprofit Love Without Reason, is a new store in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles that offers healthy food to low-income shoppers, plus employment opportunities for homeless people and veterans. Everything on the menu is $5 or less, inspired by the free breakfast program run by the Black Panthers.

Shopper Education & Assistance Kroger's Zero Hunger Mobile Market is a mobile grocer that serves food deserts

Supermarket chain Kroger’s Zero Hunger Mobile Market is a mobile grocery store that serves food deserts in Louisville, Kentucky. Five days each week, the “single-aisle” store, stocked with nearly 200 products, stops by under-resourced communities, cutting down on the effort required to shop for groceries that might otherwise be far away.

Delivery & Logistics H-E-B grocery retailer piloted autonomous delivery vehicle that can hold up to 32 orders

Texas-based grocery retailer H-E-B piloted autonomous delivery near its Olmos Park, TX, supermarket with a self-driving vehicle named Newton, which can hold up to 32 orders of varying size.

Retail Walmart Bossa Nova expanded its fleet of in-store bots

Retailer Walmart expanded its fleet of  Bossa Nova in-store bots from 50 to 350, taking time-intensive chores such as scanning shelves to look for out-of-stock items off of human employees’ hands.

Delivery & Logistics Pinduoduo is building an AI-supported logistics data network to speed up deliveries

Chinese ecommerce company Pinduoduo is building an AI-supported logistics data network to speed up deliveries, automating warehousing, optimizing route planning and improving parcel sorting. It includes systems specifically designed for online sales of fresh produce, and uses data analysis to reduce spoilage by helping farmers identify the optimal time to plant and harvest different fruits and when they should be packaged and shipped.

Consumer Insights 7FRESH harnesses data analytics to improve its inventory management

7FRESH, the premium offline supermarket owned by Chinese ecommerce company, uses data analytics to improve its inventory management, selecting the exact amount and assortment of SKUs for each location based on their unique needs, minimizing fresh produce waste. 7FRESH also leverages data to build consumer profiles, which they use to determine optimal store locations and layouts

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