Design Eco-Designer Turns Recycled Plastic Bags Into Jackets

Tricia Cheeney is making a winter jacket out of 214 used plastic shopping bags, plus other upcycled products

Fashion & Apparel Levi's Commuter Jacket Lets You Control Devices With Gestures

A working version of the product was unveiled at SXSW, which demonstrated the viability of the technology

Technology This Jacket Is Designed To Light Up Like A Mating Call

The interactive garment by Room for Concepts “matches” the wearer with people around them

Advertising Wear This Jacket To Turn Your Body Into Speakers

Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK wants their fans to experience their music through their bodies with this speaker jacket

Design Fill This Pocket Windbreaker With Newspapers To Transform It Into An Insulated Parka

The Hideaway jacket is designed to store ‘temporary insulation’ for resourceful people in emergency situations

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Multi-Purpose Coat Transforms Into A Sleeping Bag For The Homeless

The EMPWR is a water-resistant jacket made from donated materials

Fashion & Apparel Use Your Clothing To Charge Your Devices

The crowdfunding rockstar Baubax is updating its line of outerwear with wireless chargers

Luxury Puffs of Air—Not Bird Feathers—Insulate This Jacket

Using packets of air, this animal-friendly down gives adjustable warmth

Innovation Color-Changing Jacket May Alter the Outerwear Game

You can't be 'The Predator' with this getup, but Drap og Design's new color-matching wearable brings new light to the party

Technology Remote-Controlled Jacket Lets Parents Hug Their Children From Far Away

The T.Jacket offers real-time remote monitoring of activity and remote pressure application.

Innovation Jacket Can Receive Text Messages For First Responders

Students in Norway have developed a unique jacket to help with communication in emergency situations.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Puffy Vest Suitcase [Video]

Stuffa Jacket doubles as a carry on bag with hidden compartments in the interior.

Design Smart Two-Tone Jacket Absorbs Heat On One Side, Releases It From The Other

Polychromelab’s jacket is waterproof, breathable and reversible, with a black and silver sides to store and repel heat.

Technology DJ Jacket Plays Music Controlled By Wearer's Movements [Video]

An interactive garment that aims to redefine how people play music.