Analysis How Retailers Like MAC Are Motivating Shoppers To Share Data With Mobile Recognition

From PSFK's Shopper Data Debrief report, here's how three innovative retailers are retaining valuable shopper data by bridging the digital-physical divide, synching shoppers' phones with the store experience

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Delivery & Logistics Interview: How An AI Robotics Company Is Pioneering A Future Of Autonomous Delivery

Nuro co-founder and president Dave Ferguson explains why automated delivery for consumer goods like grocery and beyond is poised to provide next-level accessibility and convenience at reduced cost, all while improving safety, creating jobs and reducing pollution

Food & Beverage Kroger Debuts Own Mobile Payment System For Loyalty Shoppers

An app-integrated payment system from the supermarket chain aims to make checkout easier than ever while also linking to customers' rewards accounts

Health Walgreens And Microsoft Offer Customers More Convenient, Affordable Pharmacy Care

The two major player are combining their strengths to enable healthcare technology and retail innovations designed to improve the future of health care, marshaling Microsoft’s cloud and AI platform alongside Walgreens' customer reach, store locations and outpatient services to make care more accessible and affordable than ever

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Kroger Creates A Personalized And More Convenient Grocery Experience Enhanced With Responsive Display Technology

Microsoft is helping to transform the Kroger shopping experience, enhancing the customer journey and encouraging greater employee productivity with digital shelves, virtual shopping guides, data monetization and more

Brand Activation & Immersion How Brands Like Party City Use Integrated Pop-Ups To Drive Engagement

Toy and other kid-centric brands like Kroger and Build A Bear are expanding consumer outreach by holding activations in unexpected locations

Features How Brands Like Gap Automate Supply Chains For Greater Efficiency

To keep up with vertically integrated competitors in the DTC space, established brands from Walmart to Kroger are re-evaluating supply chain technology and implementing automation to cut costs and better use employee time

Retail Retail Leaders From Saks, Walmart And More On The Importance Of Vertical Integration And Multi-Tier Distribution

The rise of DTC retail has created a dramatic shift in B2C strategies and practices, allowing brands like Kroger to maintain control of every aspect of how they market and sell the products

Merchandising & Curation Walgreens Customers Can Shop Kroger Inventory And Pick Up Goods In-Store

This partnership aims to combine the massive inventories of the grocery and health & wellness retailers to enable one-stop shopping for consumers, even allowing them to order ahead online and pickup in-store

Loyalty & Membership Kroger's 'Food 4 Less' Stores Are Offering Shoppers Blockchain-Based Gaming

The gamified promotional experience features a partnership with Los Angeles Football Club, and aims to familiarize more people with blockchain technology by offering prizes like coupons, LAFC tickets and crypto-collectibles

Food & Beverage Aldi’s Low-Price Makeover Of High-End ‘Healthy’ Food Should Have Kroger And Whole Foods Shaking In Their Boots, Right? Not So Fast

Amid a U.S. expansion binge, the European retailer is planning to siphon market share of vegan and organic fare from the nation’s biggest grocers—but the competitive pressures cut both ways