Advertising Barbie Highlights Inspirational Women Throughout History

New Barbie dolls released for International Women's Day depict notable women role models from history and today

Children Kids Can Control Mattel's New Robotic Dinosaurs With Code

The toy company is releasing app-controlled Jurassic World dinosaur bots that help teach kids STEM

Gaming & Play Mattel And Tynker Team Up To Teach Kids To Code With Barbie

The two companies will offer new programming lessons in an initiative to get young girls interested in STEM

Advertising New American Girl Doll Aspires To Be The First Person On Mars

Luciana Vega, the newest American Girl doll, looks to defy gender stereotypes with her ambition to join NASA and be the first person to land on Mars

Fashion & Apparel Mattel Debuts First Barbie To Wear A Hijab

The doll is a part of the company's 'Sheros' line and is based on U.S. Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad

Infants Why Mattel Decided To Cancel Its Voice Activated AI For Kids

Aristotle was supposed to act as an Alexa for young children

Design Classic Card Game Uno Has Been Redesigned For Color-Blind People

Mattel has redesigned the card game so that it is easier for people with visual impairments to play

Children Mattel Shakes Up The Design Of Its Ken Doll For 2017

Mattel released a Fashionistas line that includes Ken dolls with several new hair styles, including the infamous man bun

Retail Mattel Is Launching A Competition To Find Its Next Big Toy

The toy brand and ABC have partnered for a television show in which toy inventors can pitch their concepts to children

Advertising Barbie Campaign Pushes For A New Perspective With Dads Playing With Their Kids

The brand continues to try to reshape the conversation around its product by breaking down gender stereotypes

Design This Holographic Barbie Will Dance And Set Calendar Reminders

Mattel debuted the Hello Barbie Hologram at the New York Toy Fair, showing what they envision as the Barbie of the future

Technology Mattel's Aristotle Is A Voice-Activated Baby Monitor And Nanny

Mattel has introduced an AI voice-activated device made specifically to recognize the tones of a child

Advertising Mattel Rolls Out A Line Of Super Hero Toys For Girls

Move over Barbie, Mattel's DC Super Hero Girls are here

Innovation Amazon and Mattel Are Bringing American Girl to Life

Live-action specials engage kids with an enriched experience