Fitness & Sport Interview: How MIRROR Reflects The Future Of Personalized Fitness

PSFK talks to MIRROR founder & CEO, Brynn Putnam, about catering to consumers' need for on-demand, personalized fitness, and how the future of workouts will take place in the home

Health Fitness Startup Streams Live Exercise Classes Into Consumers' Living Rooms

Mirror uses a high-tech 40" device to project a live workout into exercisers' living rooms, offering personalized sessions with trainers as well as monthly class subscriptions

Beauty Augmented Reality Mirrors Help MAC Customers Try Different Shades

The technology lets shoppers try on different products the same time with just the touch of a button

Design Tablet-Powered Mirror Displays Notifications And Weather

Firefly has a tablet in the back of a two-way mirror to make getting up in the morning easier

Advertising Experimental Music Video Evolves Every Time It's Played

This experiment in algorithmic filmmaking shows the Internet in a curved mirror

Consumer Goods This Mirror Tracks Your Dark Circles And Fine Lines

HiMirror is a device snaps a photo of your face every day to provide feedback on how to care for your skin

Interactive Mirror Moves And Shifts With The Viewer

Fragments is a surface of 200 panels that react to the onlooker, creating new ways of framing one's self-image

Retail Makeup Mirror Simulates Lighting From Different Locales

Wi-Fi connected device lets you mimic lighting from the office or a restaurant to see how makeup will look

Technology Mirror Takes 3D Scans Of Your Body To Track Health

The Naked mirror offers a more complex look at the user's body

Technology How To Make Your Own Smart Mirror

A Google engineer is spreading the knowledge of how to turn any mirror digital

Fashion & Apparel Mirror Simulates Natural Sunlight and Warns When You're Late

Built-in lights on sensor mirror understand the value of color to make-up routines

Work Makeup Mirror at CES 2016 Takes All the Guesswork Out of Beauty

Pucker your lips and watch augmented reality transform them

Design 'Sharing Faces' Mirror Matches Your Expression with Distant Person

Art and computer science collide to reflect different people with same expression as the onlooker

Artists Explore Selfie Culture of Narcissism

Interactive anti-selfie mirror distorts reflection the longer a person looks into it