Analysis How Retailers Like Sephora Drive Conversion Using Personalized Recommendations

From PSFK's Shopper Data Debrief, here's how leading retailers like Walgreens and more are leveraging next-gen machine vision to learn and analyze shopper patterns

Features Interview: How MIRROR Reflects The Future Of Personalized Fitness

PSFK talks to MIRROR founder & CEO, Brynn Putnam, about catering to consumers' need for on-demand, personalized fitness, and how the future of workouts will take place in the home

Fitness & Sport Fitness Startup Streams Live Exercise Classes Into Consumers' Living Rooms

Mirror uses a high-tech 40" device to project a live workout into exercisers' living rooms, offering personalized sessions with trainers as well as monthly class subscriptions

Beauty How Brands Are Utilizing Augmented Reality To Build Consumer Engagement

From photo-realistic makeup simulation to AR sunglasses trial, both luxury and discount retailers are integrating digital mirrors into their brick and mortar locations to improve the IRL experience

Home Digital Makeup Mirror Plays Beauty Tutorials Right On Your Reflection

The touchscreen mirror has a built-in digital assistant and how-to visuals to aid users in their makeup and skincare routines

Fitness & Sport This Device Lets People Take Virtual Fitness Classes At Home

The connected fitness system raised $13 million in funding for its device that will virtually place customers in customizable fitness classes

Design Kohler Made A Voice-Activated Mirror To Command Home Bathrooms

Kohler launched a new product line called Kohler Konnect, which links kitchen and bathroom faucets to a voice-controlled mirror

Fashion & Apparel Amazon's AR Mirror Will Transform Fitting Rooms With Virtual Backdrops

The retailer was awarded a patent for a blended reality mirror setup that can add backdrops and superimpose makeup and clothes

Retail Augmented Reality Mirrors Help MAC Customers Try Different Shades

The technology lets shoppers try on different products the same time with just the touch of a button

Automotive Minivan Lets You Keep An Eye On Your Kids In The Back

With the new model from Honda, parents can stay on top of the kids without being distracted while driving

Automotive Range Rover Is Introducing Reductionism As A New Brand Design Tenet

PSFK test drove a new vehicle that exhibits the automaker's focus on what matters most, continuing to balance capability and luxury

Advertising AR Mirror Invites Passersby To Try Out New Hairstyles

Lynx created a pop-up store in Dublin where customers can try out different hairstyles using an augmented reality Magic Mirror

Health Photorealistic 3D Body Scanner Could Change How We Measure Health

PSFK met up with Co-Founders Alex Wayenberg and Martin Kessler to get a close look at this innovative device

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Toyota's FT-4X Concept Appeals To The Casualcore Explorers Among Us

Heavy on utility ideas, the FT-4X is designed to be the ultimate getaway companion