Design Nike Reveals A Bespoke Typeface That Reflects Oslo's Local Identity

The custom font, named Oslo, is being used to promote Nike's new store in the Norwegian capital

Retail This App Rewards Students For Time Not Spent On Their Phones

The Hold app—already used by 40% of students in Norway—allows users to earn rewards such as cinema tickets for not using their phone

Cafe & Restaurant Europe's First Underwater Restaurant Functions As Marine Research Center

Snøhetta's creation offers a view of the seabed through the changing seasons

Automotive Range Rover Is Introducing Reductionism As A New Brand Design Tenet

PSFK test drove a new vehicle that exhibits the automaker's focus on what matters most, continuing to balance capability and luxury

Advertising Adobe Digitized Edvard Munch's Brushes So Anyone Can Paint With Them

Everyday people are given digital access to the brush strokes of the famous artist

Syndicated Why Is There A Growing Backlash Against Oslo's Car Ban?

When Oslo decided to be the first European city to ban cars from its center, businesses protested

Automotive Supermarket Chain Uses Food Waste For Fuel In Delivery Trucks

The sustainable initiative uses leftovers to reduce pollution and waste

Design Design Students Create A Vision For Better Prison Furniture

Designers from the University of Bergen designed pieces meant to help inmates relax and be more productive

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Film Takes Viewers On A VR Journey Of A Norwegian Railroad

Expedia released a new virtual reality film that lets people take an immersive tour of Norway without leaving their home

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Norway Introduces Self-Driving Vehicles For Grocery Deliveries

Norway's largest online grocery store is rolling out the vehicles, which feature the slogan "I am full of food from the internet" on the side

Design Biocomposite Skateboard Provides An Eco-Friendly Ride

The Uitto is an eco-friendly skate deck crafted from Norwegian wood fibers

Fitness & Sport Bicycle Hotel In Norway Makes Commuting A Breeze

The energy efficient space was designed to help the city of Lillestrøm get closer to their environmental goals by encouraging people to ride their bike

Home Donut-Shaped Dimmable Lamp Lights The Way At Night

Clipse can be hooked on a door handle or ona bedsid table to provide soft ambient light

Entertainment Spotify And Headspace Team Up To Offer Music And Meditation

The streaming and meditation guidance services are joining forces to offer their customers a better deal for both tools