Beauty Jo Malone Lets Customers Purchase Perfume Through Shoppable Videos

The interactive videos allow shoppers an engaging way to click to buy, driving sales for the beauty retailer while also providing it with key consumer purchase data

Loyalty & Membership Perfume Line Uses Raw Ingredients From Conflict Zones To Support Victims

Now sold at Sephora, beauty brand 7 Virtues is working with local suppliers in the hopes of helping farmers from rebuilding nations

Design Perfume Store Hides All Branding To Focus On The Scents

Perfumarie displays its perfumes without any branding to help customers choose scents without the influence of marketing

Advertising Perfume Startup Designs Scents For Brands

Experimental Perfume Club helps companies develop sensory marketing

Advertising Perfume Recreates The Smell Of Losing A Baby Tooth

French perfume Serge Lutens is attempting to remind people of a unique childhood memory

Fashion & Apparel Exhibition Shows How Fragrances Help Explain The World

From the excesses of the 80s to the purifying smells of the 90s and the niche individuality of 2017, the way we smell says a lot about society, as a new exhibition proves

Automotive Fragrance Line Lets You Smell Like An Autonomous Car

The scents are a humorous take on contemporary auto industry trends

Retail Color-Coded Perfumes Can Be Mixed And Matched For A Unique Scent

Paris-based perfumery Bon Parfumeur created a line of products that encourage people to crate their own unique mix

Fashion & Apparel Spike Jonze Creates Enthusiastically Shocking Perfume Ad

The acclaimed director produced a tongue-in-cheek advert that shrugs off industry tropes

This Perfume Is Meant To Stimulate Your Creativity

Advertising Agency McCann celebrated their 70th anniversary with the power of smell

Design Sniff and Lick These Edible Perfumes

Fragrances in a range of flavors from bacon sandwich to unicorn tears

Home Meet the Perfume Fitting Kit That Comes to Your Home

Commodity delivers trial-sized perfumes to your door—smell like rain, moss or whiskey?

Luxury Subscription Service Helps Women Design a Perfume Wardrobe

Scent personalization service helps customers switch out fragrances on a monthly basis

Work Subscription Service Helps Men Identify Their Perfect Fragrances

How can digitization improve men's experience of identifying their ideal scent?