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Brand Activation & Immersion Pizza Hut Customers Can Scan Domino's Ads To Receive Better Offer

The pizza chain is attempting to edge out the market leader, offering U.K. customers the chance to scan Domino's ads with its AR app and access competitive offers

Cafe & Restaurant Target Offers Store Shoppers Grab-&-Go Food Concept

Select Target locations are slated to offer on-the-go food options in addition to its Starbucks and McDonald's cafes, letting shoppers avoid lines and check out quickly at self-service kiosks

Advertising Pizza Hut Revives Pizza-Ordering Sneakers For March Madness

The chain's Pie Tops II can order pizza at the touch of a button in addition to pausing the TV, so wearers don't miss a moment of basketball

Automotive Driverless Toyota Shuttle Could Transport Goods For Amazon And Pizza Hut

The autonomous concept is a flexible, purpose-built vehicle for retailers and services

Delivery & Logistics Pizza Hut Introduces A Parka Made Of Insulated Delivery Material

The Pizza Hut Parka even has a slice pocket inside to keep your pizza warm

Food & Beverage Pizza Hut Boxes Depict The Stories Behind Delivery Orders

Whether it's unexpected guests or no time to cook, hand-crafted Pizza Hut boxes share delivery stories in a new campaign

Retail Pizza Hut Has Created A Pair Of Sneakers To Make Ordering Easier

The fast food chain designed high-top sneakers that let the wearer order pizza with the push of a button

Advertising Pizza Hut Tattoo Lets You Place An Order From Your Body

The latest gimmick from the fast-food chain is a tattoo-like sticker that lets customers get delivery with a simple tap on their arm

Editors Pick Light-Show Sneakers, an Oculus Rival, Pizza Projectors: The Quick Thinking Video Roundup

Burn off the calories gained from a night supplied by a pizza box-powered projector with an immersive treadmill experience or light-up dance shoes

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The secret behind Taco Bell's breakfast menu, France considers banning e-cigarettes and Hong Kong is home to the expensive street in the world.

Design Order Pizza During Hulu Commercials Without Leaving Your Show

The online video service partnered with Pizza Hut to bring a new type of ad that lets viewers buy food.

Gaming & Play PSFK Picks: Top 5 Stories Of The Week

ANIMAL NEW YORK creates parody adds for Diet Coke, an artist make a realistically proportioned Barbie, and more.

Technology Pizza Hut’s Touchscreen Table Lets Diners Create The Perfect Pie [Video]

Created with Chaotic Moon Studios, the interactive table lets customers visualize and customize their orders.

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