Advertising Spotify Lets Brands Sponsor Listeners' Weekly Discovery Playlist

Hoping to help brands better connect with consumers, the streaming app will allow retailers to sponsor its flagship Discover Weekly playlists, running a series of ads to reach the most loyal listeners

Brand Activation & Immersion Spotify Creates Custom Playlists Based On Listeners' DNA

Based on DNA collected from, Spotify will design a personalized playlist featuring artists hailing from same regions as customers' ancestral origins

Delivery & Logistics Now There's A Spotify-Like Service For Finding New Recipes

Launching this spring, ckbk is a digital subscription service that allows members to browse thousands of recipes and save them into 'playlists' for sharing

Children Digital Music Player For Kids Keeps Them Off Screens

A Belgium-based startup has developed a screen-free player for digital music designed with kids in mind

Entertainment Spotify Now Lets Musicians Get Real-Time Data From Fans

Spotify for Artists leverages real-time data with demographic information to help musicians understand their audience

Design Connected Soccer Ball Offers AR-Aided Instruction

DribbleUp created a smart soccer ball for American players to improve their soccer game with the help of an app

Syndicated What Does The Future Hold For AI And Music?

Tech firms have developed AI that can learn how to write music. So will machines soon be composing symphonies, hit singles and bespoke soundtracks?

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Mood-Altering Playlists Help Eurostar Business Travelers Relax

Sony is promoting its new noise canceling headphones with psychologist-curated tracks that let passengers ease into their ride

Automotive Spotify Is Integrating Music Into GPS Navigation

The music streaming service and Waze have partnered together to allow drivers to listen to music while they're watching the traffic reports of their local area

Entertainment Roundtable: Entertainment Beyond The Box

Copa90, McCann NY, Alphachannel, The Other Guys, Wildbytes, Los York, Open Mind Strategy and Glassworks impart their expertise on the consumer culture driving new entertainment trends

Retail Choose A Pair Of Headphones Based On Your Spotify Playlists

AIAIAI created a tool to analyze a person's musical tastes to recommend the ideal product

Technology Spotify And Headspace Team Up To Offer Music And Meditation

The streaming and meditation guidance services are joining forces to offer their customers a better deal for both tools

Technology Listen To Music Remotely With Your Friends In Real Time

A new music discovery startup is trying to re-kindle the social aspects of sharing a song with others

Home Crowdfunded Speaker Lets Friends Add Music

The JookBox speaker allows permitted friends to access and add to playlists at any social gathering