Advertising Mood-Altering Playlists Help Eurostar Business Travelers Relax

Sony is promoting its new noise canceling headphones with psychologist-curated tracks that let passengers ease into their ride

Automotive Spotify Is Integrating Music Into GPS Navigation

The music streaming service and Waze have partnered together to allow drivers to listen to music while they're watching the traffic reports of their local area

Entertainment Spotify And Headspace Team Up To Offer Music And Meditation

The streaming and meditation guidance services are joining forces to offer their customers a better deal for both tools

Technology Listen To Music Remotely With Your Friends In Real Time

A new music discovery startup is trying to re-kindle the social aspects of sharing a song with others

Home Crowdfunded Speaker Lets Friends Add Music

The JookBox speaker allows permitted friends to access and add to playlists at any social gathering

Gaming & Play Hold Your Phone Up To The Sky To Get An Instant Playlist

An app created for Air France lets people on the ground discover new music by lifting up their phone.

Technology Send YouTube Videos To Google TV With Your Android Device

Watch the online videos on a bigger screen by using your phone as a remote control to pause, scroll, and skip.

Lady Gaga And Kanye West Invest In Turntable.Fm [Headlines]

Two of the most notorious pop stars invest in the new browser-based chat room where DJs take turn sharing their favorite playlists.

Technology Search As An Entertainment Device

David Karp and Ryan Trecartin's Seven on Seven project goes live.

Advertising The PSFK Ideas Playlist On YouTube

Piers Fawkes has curated a selection of over 70 videos from creative projects we've featured on