Advertising How Brand Campaigns Are Playing Across Points Of View

In addition to putting brand values on display, a wave of advertising is bringing people with opposing opinions together

Automotive Uber Is Partnering With London City Planners To Improve Planning With Data

The ride-hailing app hopes to prove its fitness to operate by becoming a ‘better partner’

Advertising Debate Questions Prompt Passersby To Engage With The Homeless

Street Debater wants to create less awkward and more meaningful exchanges between the homeless and city dwellers who might pass them by

Advertising In New Zealand, This AI Politician Takes Questions From The Public

SAM is an AI that promises accessibility and transparency, and unlike human politicians, is programmed to keep its word

Entertainment Cards Against Humanity Renamed A Baseball Stadium

The creators of the card game known for radical stunts want to make the United States a better place through their Saves America campaign

Design Brewery Designed Beer To Remind Leaders To Prioritize Climate Change

Brewdog released a new beer, directed at the White House, to highlight the importance of acknowledging climate change

Cafe & Restaurant Does Crowdfunding Really Work For Building Cities?

Sadiq Khan is the latest public figure to support crowdfunding to pay for city projects, from libraries to swimming pools

Advertising The ACLU Has Created A New Design Guide For Resistance

ACLU continues to be loud and clear in the public eye while quietly rebranding its visual identity

Technology News Platform Helps People Get Out Of Their Own Bias Bubbles

Read Across the Aisle is an app that lets users see a variety of viewpoints in an effort to combat political polarization

Advertising UK Turns To Snapchat To Boost Young Voter Turnout In Special Election

The UK Electoral Commission is looking for new ways to reach out to first-time voters

Design This Umbrella Creates A Portable LED Screen For Protests

Sprizzle features an LED display that helps display empowering messages and images when it revolves

The World's First Floating City Is Set To Be Unveiled In 2020

The project was conceptualized by a team of San Francisco-based marine biologists and nautical engineers

A Designer Has Created A Dash Button For ACLU Donations

The concept product would make an an instant contribution each time it is pressed

Design Obama 'Hope' Artist Creates A New Set Of Posters On Diversity And American Identity

Shepard Fairey debuted a new series of posters entitled "We the People" meant to reflect all the people who identify as Americans