Advertising Schweppes Uses A Sensing Dress To Track Harassment In Social Settings

The beverage brand conducted an experiment in a Brazilian nightclub to address sexual harassment endured by women

Health How Optimized Ambience Is Helping To Improve Sleep Quality

From IoT mattresses to AI fragrance diffusers, brands are implementing the latest technologies to create innovative products aimed at optimizing people's sleep environment

Automotive Audi Is Gathering Data To Measure The Environment Around A Small Skiing Town

The Digital Points project collected and displayed data related to climate conditions, noise and solar activity

Technology Mercedes-Benz Headlights Can Project Infographics On The Road

The auto maker's DIGITAL LIGHT headlights aim to improve safety and communication with other drivers and pedestrians

Design Modular Home Security Camera Can Mount To Any Surface

A new security camera created by Yves Behar's Fuseproject made an appearance this year's Consumer Electronics Show

Automotive A New Sensor From Panasonic Could Give Cars Night Vision

The new image technology removes the requirement for cameras to have a mechanical infrared cut filter

Consumer Goods Polaroid Creates Modern Camera Using Classic Design

The company has released a digital version of their famous classic model

Technology Google's New Science Journal App Connects To The Kid In You

The app gives amateur scientists an outlet to observe and record the world around them

Technology How Wearable Tech Can Reduce Workplace Injuries

KINETIC gathers data around an employees' posture to provide tips on how to move and avoid injury

Home Hack Your Houseplants With Coded Light and Water Sensors sensors monitor plants and send alerts when they need care

Technology Casual Hat Can Measure Heart Rate, Cadence and Calories

The LifeBEAM hat doubles as a piece of wearable technology with electro-optical sensors that help you better monitor health

Technology Tiny Ear Clip Keeps Tabs on Your Chewing Habits

BitBite uses audio tracking and sensors to track and improve eating behaviour

Gaming & Play Lock Sphere Forces You to Think Outside the Box with Mind Games

Equipped with multiple high-sensitivity sensors, the object can feel slight vibrations and knows the color of the sky

Home CubeSensors Help You Track Your Sleep

Sensors pair with Fitbit and Jawbone to let you know exactly what's right and wrong with your Zs