Beauty Why New York Beauty Retailers Are Enabling Connected Store Experiences

As detailed in PSFK's New York Retail Innovation Guide, top beauty brands like Covergirl and Glossier are catering to the needs of today's consumers with engaging and digitally-integrated store experiences that enable IRL product discovery, personalized education and seamless purchasing

Loyalty & Membership Olay Helps Customers Track And Personalize Beauty Regimens With Digital Integrations

P&G recently debuted various connected beauty devices for multiple brands, several of which will help subsidiary Olay's customers track skin health through high-resolution selfies on its Skin Decoder, virtually trial products on the the Whips Simulator and more

Health Neutrogena Will 3D Print Bespoke Face Masks For Customers

MaskiD is the beauty retailer's latest app for iOS that customers can use to assess their skin condition and determine ingredients for particular areas of the face to create a custom sheet mask

Packaging & Product Engagement L'Oreal Skincare Device Analyzes Wearer's Sweat To Recommend Products

My Skin Track is a soft wearable that can analyze a person's epidural pH via perspiration and suggest subsidiary La Roche-Posay's products to prevent further skin irritation

Brand Activation & Immersion Innisfree's Revamped Beauty Store Marshals Tmall Tech For High-Touch Experience

Korean beauty brand Innisfree is aiming to invigorate its China store by adding features from AR mirrors and skin analyzers to interactive shelving and vending that enable a high-touch, discovery-led cx

Retail Op-Ed: How Will The 2018 Farm Bill Affect The Beauty World?

Cannabis researcher Colleen Quinn on the impact of the 2018 Farm Bill in the U.S., which loosens restrictions on hemp usage, on the skincare, wellness and beauty industries, and why securing sustainable, authentic supply chain will become brands' top priority

Beauty Clinique iD Targets Millennials With Customizable Moisturizer Collection

The skincare brand is simultaneously hoping to offer inclusivity while also providing a more targeted hydration system, launching a collection of 15 options from which customers can choose the best combination for their specific concerns

Fashion & Apparel Media Brand Uses AI To Create In-House, Data-Driven Beauty Line

Clique Brands is marshaling AI-enabled analysis of data on its consumers, drawing on information from its online audience as well as past collaborations with retailers like Target to develop a beauty brand tailored for its customers

Post Purchase Service & Support Interview: How Heyday Puts The Human Touch Into Skincare

Adam Ross and Michael Pollak, founders of growing skincare and facial shop mini-chain Heyday, discuss their focus on making expert-led, personalized skincare available to all

Shopper Education & Assistance Skincare Retailer Offered Store Shoppers AI Skin Analysis And Tailored Product Recs

The skincare brand created an interactive store experience, using AI-enabled analysis to provide visitors to its Harajuku location with personalized skincare product recommendations

Events As Its First Beauty Convention, Sephora Hosted A Two-Day House Party

Comprising three floors, 50 brands and myriad instagrammable moments, the festival-style Sephoria event offered beauty fans unique experiential shopping opportunities and activations

Delivery & Logistics Men's Health E-Startup To Offer Female Line, 'Hers'

HIms' new women's beauty and wellness product line will capitalize on the popularity of telemedicine to help aid common and sensitive health concerns specific to female consumers

Brand Activation & Immersion Glossier Taps Social Commerce By Creating Its Own Network

The online beauty retailer hopes to drive sales by connecting customers who can discuss and review the cosmetics, leveraging the lucrative power of social commerce

Loyalty & Membership Customers Can Receive A Customized Skincare Regimen From AI Cleansing Device

A Scandinavian skincare brand created a cleansing device that doubles as a beauty advisor, using artificial intelligence to assess customers' skin and create a tailored skin regimen