Health Startup Lets Doctors Practice Surgery With Medical VR

Virtual reality training could change the way medical professionals are taught

Advertising Rolls-Royce Unveils A Car To Transport Kids To Surgery

The SRH enables children to drive themselves to the operating theater

Technology Health Campaign Raises Awareness By Broadcasting Live Surgery

Cancer Research UK bought a 90 second advertisement slot to show a live procedure to make viewers aware of early detection techniques

Design Printable Body Parts Leap Forward with Printed Jaw

A cancer survivor's reconstructive surgery was made safer and more successful with the same 3D printing technology responsible for those Yahoo! giveaways from your last conference.

Technology Augmented Reality App Guides Surgeons During Tumor Removal

A new app from the Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS in Germany guides surgeons through complex procedures.

Syndicated Doctors Use Apps To Improve Outcome Of Surgeries

Touch Surgery helps patients improve their mental state by walking them through the actual procedure thereby reducing stress levels.

Innovation 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

The positives to negativity, Google glass already banned at strip joints and NOLA a new hub...links to start your day with.

Design Pressure Sensitive Tool Turns Surgery Into Real Life ‘Operation’ Game

German researchers develop a special pressure-sensing handle to aid young doctors

Technology Snake-Like Robots Perform Intricate Operations Where Surgeons Can't Reach

More delicate surgeries are now assisted by robotic medical tools.

Design 3D Printing Enables The Creation Of Personalized, Replacement Body Parts

Layerwise implants Titanium jaw in first ever jaw replacement surgery.

Partner Content Hollywood Tech To Revolutionize Facial Reconstruction

Researchers are combining conventional medical imaging with some of the same 3-D modeling techniques used in Hollywood blockbusters to offer new hope to victims of serious facial injuries.

Technology Intelligent Hip Device Monitors Bone Implants

Smart Hip is a new medical device that can monitor the performance of bone implants from within the body.

Advertising Project Odysseus Allows Virtual Surgery Practice On 3D Models

A new 3D scanning technology is being used to help train surgeons.