Delivery & Logistics Subscription Oral Care Brand Shyn Goes All In On Customization

The DTC toothcare ecomm is fully customizable to each individual customer's needs—and even pairs with Sonicare brushes to enable greater compatibility with consumers' routines

Features Interview: Quip Founder On The Journey From DTC Dental Care To Target Shelves

Simon Enever explains how the brand marshaled its strong beginnings as a digital native into sharing shelf space with larger CPG brands in a big-box store, maintaining its commitment to value-added content and services as well as accessibility to compete

Children AR Toothbrush Gamifies Dental Health For Kids

At CES, Kolibree presented a smart toothbrush that lets parents track how well their children are brushing, and allows kids to have fun while they do it

Design Musical Toothbrush Aims To Teach Good Brushing Habits

Two minutes of brushing will no longer be a problem if you're listening to your favorite tunes

Health This Connected Toothbrush Analyzes Your Dental Data To Create Custom Care Plans

The Oclean is a sonic toothbrush that gives brushers feedback on their daily routine

Technology This Toothbrush Wants To Give Brushers 100 Days Of Their Life Back

Amabrush is the first automatic toothbrush that claims it can brush your teeth in just 10 seconds

Health AI-Assisted Toothbrush Helps Teeth Shine Brighter

The device will inform users of how effective their brushing was after each use and presents a report detailing how they can improve

Retail How This Electric Toothbrush Hopes To Disrupts The Dental Industry

Goby is a new device that takes a direct-to-consumer approach to oral health

Technology Video Toothbrush Helps You Brush Better

A brush that syncs up with an iOS app to allow for long-term tracking of oral health

Gaming & Play Toothbrush Transforms Oral Hygiene from Chore to Game

Grush is a way for kids to learn good brushing habits early on through the joys of play

Design A Natural Toothbrush Picked from a Tree

Miswak Club offers natural oral hygiene alternative more effective than regular brushing

Design Goodwell Toothbrush is a Sustainable, Smart Product You Never Have to Replace

Currently raising funds on CrowdSupply, the open-source oral toothkit by Goodwell updates throw-away products

Home Ad Council App Gamifies Dental Hygiene [Video]

The Ad Council’s first in-house game, 'Toothsavers,' aims to encourage kids to brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day.

Retail Rejuvenating Design Turns The Toothbrush Into A Lifestyle Product [Pics]

A revolutionary toothbrush that is tailored to fit your morning mood.