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In-store augmented reality features animate products on virtual models and point shoppers to compatible items, bringing the most useful elements of online browsing to physical retail
June 18, 2018

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Jason is the founder and CEO of Vessel, an online subscription service for viral videos. Vessel provides subscribers early access to videos from YouTube stars for a monthly fee. The service has been in private beta since the beginning of the year, and is now available to everyone on web and iOS. Jason previously served as the CEO of Hulu, and has nearly a decade of experience at Amazon.com.


Kevin was a writer and analyst who works with YouTube Trends, a spot for tracking the latest viral videos— and connecting to the communities that make parodies, tributes and reply videos on the YouTube-iverse. He is now the Head of Culture & Trends at Google. He has previously held positions at mediabistro.com, 23/6 (Huffington Post/IAC), and Etoile Productions.

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The Flow wireless controller works with a variety of apps like YouTube, Autocad and Spotify, and could replace your mouse and keyboard

December 23, 2014

BLEEN brings futuristic projection tech to the consumer market

November 30, 2014
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